About Chappaquiddick

Chappaquiddick Island Lighthouse


Chappaquiddick is a small island off Martha’s Vineyard easternmost point.¬† Five miles out to sea from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, this beautiful triangular island is known for its upland woods, protected bays, lovely salt marshes and ponds and long stretches of sandy barrier beaches.¬† With thousands of acres of preserved lands open to the public, Chappy is truly a special place.

Chappy is only about 3 miles long and is home to a small island community.  There is only one small store and no restaurants on Chappy.  But you will have plenty to explore including the famous Dyke Bridge which will bring you to beaches and dunes, the Cape Poge Light and Wasque Wildlife Preserve. Discover the diverse history and ecology of this island.

The word “Chappaquiddick” comes from the Wampanoag word “Tchepiaquidenet” which means “place of separate island”.¬† It is politically a part of the town of Edgartown, the most historic village on Martha’s Vineyard. Until the winter of 2007, Chappaquiddick and Martha’s Vineyard were connected by a narrow two-mile (3 km) strip of beach (Katama Beach), which from time to time would become breached due to weather. In April 2007, a strong storm broke through this strip of beach and dunes and made Chappy a separate island again. It is truly an island off an island.

Relax and enjoy the many attractions in this fascinating place.